Capabilities / Equipment / Processes



Verson Bladder Press Verson Bladder Press


Danly Deep Draw Press Danly Deep Draw Press


Brake Press Brake Press


Sheet Metal Forming/Fabrication

Brake Forming

  • Armada CNC Press Brakes
    (48" LENGTH)


  • CATIA V4 / V5 Software
  • Vistagy Encapta Software
  • SolidWorks Software
  • Digital Product Definition Approval
  • Motion Master CNC Routers
  • DMS 5 Axis CNC Routers
  • OMAX Water Jet Machining Center

Tool Production

  • Drop Hammer Dies
  • Drop Hammer Punches
  • Hydro Blocks
  • Trim Tools


Quality Assurance

Quality Policy Statement

  • Valco Mfg Co has established a quality policy of continuous improvement, attaining and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction, and the continued production of world Class aircraft parts. Quality objectives have been established in support of this quality policy.

ISO9001-2000 3rd Party Certified

AS9100 3rd Party Certified

Hardness / Conductivity

NADCAP Accredited

  • Heat Treat



Drop Hammer Forming

  • Chambersburg Drop Hammer
    (96" X 60")
  • Chambersburg Drop Hammer
    (66" X 48") Bolster Plate to Convert into Rubber Hammer
  • Chambersburg Drop Hammer
    (48" X 48")

Hydro Press Forming

  • 2500 Ton HPM Rubber Box Hydro Press
    (36" X 144" BED)

Verson Bladder Press

  • 18,000 Ton Verson Bladder Press

Deep Draw Forming

  • Danly Deep-Draw Press

Component Assembly

  • Detail Assembly

Heat Treatment

Age Ovens


Drop Bottom Furnace

Solution Tank

    • Age furnaces of various sizes
    • Anneal ovens
    • Ajax Salt Bath







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