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About Valco Manufacturing - employees working



About Valco Manufacturing - employees working


Roger Valdez founded VALCO Manufacturing Company in January 1989. The business got its start doing small federal government contracts. For the first three (3) years in business the company did an average of 70 government contracts per year. The Federal Government recognized the company in 1991 as a small business supplier of the year.

VALCO started doing business with Rockwell International in 1990. The years 1989 through 1994 VALCO continued to do government contracts, work for Rockwell International, and subcontracted for other small businesses. In September 1994 VALCO was awarded a large government contract through the Mentor Protégé program in a partnership relationship with Grumman Aerospace Corporation. This allowed VALCO to make significant growth and become a major supplier for several aerospace corporations.

The goal for VALCO Manufacturing Company has remained the same since the beginning; to be competitive, meet customer delivery requirements, provide a good working environment and stability for its employees. It is also our goal to become the best metal parts supplier in the aerospace industry.

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